“After undergoing knee replacement surgery and not having been able to exercise properly for many years, I realised I needed good advice to get me motivated and fit again.
Luckily for me I was referred to Hella Buhler. Hella treated me with Massage and Bowen therapy, dietary changes and excellent nutritional supplements. I am now walking every day, attending exercise classes and feeling great. I have also lost 2 stone and all my friends are amazed at how well I look and how much energy I now have. I feel like I am back in the land of the living and that is all thanks to Hella. I have recommended her to my friends and all are thrilled at the difference she has made to their well-being.”
Margaret 67 yrs.

“Hella Buhler has made a significant difference in my life. Eighteen years ago I suffered a complete nervous breakdown. After six weeks of treatment I was able to return to work, but dependent on high doses of antidepressants.  This was gradually reduced to a lower dose and I went on to manage a successful career. Recently I felt the familiar symptoms of depression begin to surface again.  My doctor’s advice was to double my dose, but I found no relief. It was at that time that I was fortunate to be introduced to Hella, who helped to restore my positive view of life and a belief that I could overcome the depression.  With the assistance of consultations, Bowen Therapy, nutritional advice and regular exercise, I quickly began to feel better. I am now back to my old self and have more energy than I have had for years and I no longer believe that I need antidepressants.  I am highly recommending Hella Buhler to anyone interested in long term well being and good health.”
Robyn 66 yrs.

  “Three years ago I was diagnosed with severe disc damage in my lumbar spine.  I was offered many different treatment approaches by Doctors and physiotherapists with very little relief.  I was advised that besides the use of anti-inflammatories there was very little that could be done and that the next step would be an operation, which I didn’t want to consider.  So I suffered in the last three years with daily pain that was medicate, but still very debilitating.

About six months ago I was referred to Hella Buhler.  Today I rarely take anti-inflammatories, as I am almost completely pain free.  Hella's dedication and expertise deserve the excellent results she obtains.”         
Dennis  80 yrs.

  “After spending much of my youth taking antibiotics as if they were going out of fashion for all types of minor infections, particularly sinusitis, I felt that it was time to overcome my cynicism for alternative medicines and through a friend, ended up at Hella’s clinic.
The change to my health has been remarkable. By changing my diet, general habits, and introducing supplementations into my life I managed to boost my immune system and have been healthier than ever. I have come to enjoy many of Hella’s alternative treatments, despite the taste of some of her “home made witch-like potions” (which are not really that bad). I particularly enjoy Bowen, finding it incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.
I would have always been the first one to point out that there is nothing like a placebo to fix a cold….but….I would encourage you to try Hella’s holistic treatments before you dismiss them.”
Tomas 29 yrs.

“With both of us healthy, under 30 and happily married, we never expected it would be so hard to conceive. What had begun as an excited anticipation was becoming an increasing fear and frustration.
We had a referral to a fertility clinic from our GP, but were reluctant to subject ourselves to a barrage of tests or IVF. Having age and health onside we wanted to keep on trying naturally. By the time we met Hella we had been trying for 18 months and having a baby had become an obsession to me.
Hella’s approach was holistic, using naturopathy and Bowen techniques she ensured my health was optimal and quickly made my menstrual cycle work like clockwork. More importantly though, she taught me about the links between mind and body and the importance of positive thinking.
I see it as no coincidence that since then we have been blessed with 7 healthy months of pregnancy and are expecting our baby in August.”
Donna 27 yrs.


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