Your Mind Equals Your Emotions
The mind is an interesting phenomenon that has direct influence on how we feel physically and emotionally and how we experience life in general.
So do we feel as we think or do we think as we feel? What came first, the egg or the chicken?
Although this is an interesting question, what is relevant is that our thoughts have a direct impact on how we feel and how our body is functioning. Why? Every thought triggers a release of chemicals that affects our tissues, glands and organs and causes a physical and emotional response.
Happy thoughts make us feel good and will, for example, increase the efficiency of our immune system, whereas unhappy thoughts will suppress our immune response and make us vulnerable to disease. Unhappy thoughts also cause emotional responses, such as lethargy, anxiety and depression.
Have you ever stopped to observe what is behind a specific emotion that you experience?
It is your mind. Anger, anxiety, sadness or even happiness are all a product of your mind because there are no emotions without a story line. We are happy, angry or sad because of…
Do you think it would be a useful tool to be aware of what your mind is up to?

Would it be useful to learn how you can control the mind rather than it controlling you?
Start by making a conscious choice to monitor your thoughts. Consider what it is you think about and how you view the world. Then see for yourself how it affects your emotions and state of health. Positive thought will create a happy and healthy body so choose your thoughts carefully every day, hour by hour.

A change of mind and emotion is always just a decision away!



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