About Hella ...

Hella Buhler is a national and internationally recognised Naturopath with clients all over the world. She is highly skilled and emphasises great Care and Love through her practice.

Welcome to Hella Pro-Active ... Awaken your Spirit, Awareness and Vitality

My name is Hella Buhler and I would like to invite you on a journey of great fun and excitement.
Many of us are aware that life on our planet is changing fast and the time has come to be responsible and Pro-Active with our lives, including our current state of Health.
Learn how you can play an active part in the creation of your life and become inspired by what you can achieve.
In my ten years as a Naturopath, I have been privileged to share in the journeys of hundreds who have found their way back to perfect health and vitality.
My aim is to teach you, in simple steps, how to improve your current health situation, gain an understanding of how the body works and what essential building blocks it needs to function at its optimum.
I will address aspects of the mind and emotions, cellular health and body structure.
Together, we will consider all aspects of your life that may contribute to your current imbalance and help you avoid reoccurrences.
My treatment plans are supported by herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary assessment, lifestyle changes and body work.
This is a common-sense approach. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual and designed to enable educated choices in the future.

Let's awaken your Spirit, Awareness and Vitality.


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