Children and Parents

One of my biggest passions as a healer and teacher is to help the children in this world. Children are very special. They are innocent, loving beings with open hearts and are here to teach us about long forgotten ideas. They live in present time do not have any hang ups about yesterday and nor do they fear tomorrow. They are, in many aspects, far ahead of adults yet most of us have difficulties seeing the knowingness that these children bring to us.

Kids have this special magic, which we call LOVE. A single smile or look can make us forget our anger and daily worries. It is this magic which allows us to be human, silly and childish once in a while.

Children are here to open our hearts and remind us about LOVE.

Yes, they can be a “pain” and challenge and push us to our limits of patience and compassion. I am well aware of that.

Over the last thirty years a great number of children have come into this world that we would call ‘different’. Some people label them ADD or ADHD. Others call them ‘difficult’ with behavioural problems and/or learning difficulties. A lot of these children have imaginary friends and do not develop according to social norms. Thus they do not fit in.

These children have also been described as ‘Indigo’ or ‘Crystal’ Children. They are not weird or different. If anything they are special, wired differently and in most cases very gifted.

I have had the great honour to help quite a few children come into this world and I also have assisted them with treatment through various illnesses. It was a pleasure because the healing processes of children are, in most cases, simple and quick. Kids do not have any mind attached to how long it should/could take to be okay again. In most cases Mum and/or Dad were struggling and needed assistance, but once they returned to balance the children were fine as well.

The health of many children is often a direct reflection of their environment. In saying that, I have no intention to add to any parental guilt. I am well aware of how hard it is  to bring up children in our society. It is a jungle out there and the pressures are tremendous.

If we could learn to be honest with our children and treat them with respect many problems between children and parents would not exist.

Kids feel more than we think and have a great innate knowlege. Let us set boundaries, give choices and be loving, but firm. Let us practise control for a higher good and not out of a need to control.

In my workshops I will address all these issues of how we affect our children’s health, well-being and happiness. I will also speak about “The New Kids on the Block”, as I call them. Presently we have a great number of kids that run on a different paradigm and are definitely here to teach us adults to change gear. For many of us this is confronting, but equally exciting. My workshops are designed to be informative, but most of all FUN. I believe we adults need to loosen up and have a laugh about ourselves, remember...

“Life is supposed to be FUN!”


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