Body Equals Structure

Over the years I have had many clients consulting me for help with structural problems such as, neck and hip pains, bulged discs or knee and ankle problems.

The most common denominator in all my clients' injuries was the overuse of their muscular structure due to bad posture in conjunction with wrong and often excessive exercise.
Most clients were predominantly seeking some form of treatment that would help their immediate pain and others were seeking long-term solutions.
My treatment program included Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy and Energetic Healing. I spoke to my clients about diet, fluid intake and other contributing factors to their health.
Are you exercising according to your overall vitality?
Are you feeding the body adequate amounts of nutrients?
How are you dealing with your daily stresses?

In general, the body has no desire to give us any pain whatsoever. Pain is a signal to get our attention saying, “Hey I am not okay”. What do we do with these signals? Are we listening to them or are we avoiding the subject by taking a pill? Are we lying on the sofa when all that the body needs is a gentle walk to de-stress?
Although I had fantastic results with many of my client’s problems I like to emphasise that a “pain in the butt” or what we medically term, sciatica, might disappear after several treatments. However, I can almost guarantee that it will reoccur somewhere else in the body because the issue behind this “body speak” is not addressed until we are willing to listen.
Start taking time to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Massage, Bowen and all other body therapies are helpful in balancing the body and helping itself to heal, however, if the stressor is not understood and removed reoccurrence of the problem is unavoidable.
Do not wait until it is broken!
Treat your body with respect and honour it by taking care of it according to its needs.


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