Cellular Health Equals Vitality
Health starts in the smallest component of the body, its cells. We are only as healthy as our cells are. The question is: Are we healthy or currently just symptom free?
Do you jump out of bed every morning with plenty of energy, happy and ready to live another day in paradise?
Our level of vitality is the best measure of the body’s overall well-being, especially when we withdraw from all the artificial stimulants, like caffeine, alcohol, sugars, excessive exercise, etcetera or everything else that over-stimulate our adrenal glands.
I have seen many clients over the years that keep saying: “But I am really very healthy, I just have a “bit” of…”
There is no such thing as having a “bit” of something e.g. allergies, migraines, excessive menstrual bleeding, or cancer. If we feel constantly tired and overwhelmed with life this is a sign that the body is not coping.
Yes, there are different degrees to cellular dysfunction, but we need to recognise that these cells are lacking essential elements and the body’s vital systems are unable to keep up with the daily demand of living in today’s world.
The body is composed of trillions of cells, which make up tissue, vital organs, all body structures and, therefore, all functions. Each cell has an innate intelligence that keeps us alive. This cellular intelligence is far greater than our human intellect and what we need to do is to ensure the supply of the necessary building blocks that keep this cellular system happy.
Too easy, you may think, but is it really?
As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, my job is to help you ensure that your body receives these essential building blocks such as, quality carbohydrates and proteins, fat for fuel and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Most important is the balance of all these “goodies”.
A thorough analysis will tell us how we can support this finely tuned system that is designed to keep us alive and well on a daily basis and eliminate future reoccurrence of any signs and symptoms.


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